I have had regular chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy and massage treatments for almost 40 years to help with neck, back, shoulder pain and chronic stress.

Evelyn’s dynamic therapy, using whatever combination skills and knowledge required for best results, has provided significant changes and release from my pain.

For 30 years abdominal scar tissue has significantly impacted my body. I noted after several integrated treatments, including Moxibustion, Accupressure and myofascial release, that the buttons on my jeans no longer pressed against and caused pain to scar tissue around my navel and the scar on my abdomen that runs from my breast bone to pubic bone was softer and no longer dark pink in colour.

I now have less pain and periods of fatigue associated with Crohn’s Disease and my overall health and well being has improved.

I highly recommend Evelyn as a caring skilled therapist.

Heather Lamberton

September, 2021

Evelyn DaSilva from Dynamic Body therapy is a professional of the highest standards, highly committed to her clients.  Evelyn has provided me with the best treatments I have received.  I had previously spent many months of bi-weekly visits to a physio for a neck injury with poor results.
Evelyn has treated my neck and has alleviated most of my ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain in just a few sessions.  She also treated my knee replacement releasing my scar tissue with great success to my joints and movement. I highly recommend Evelyn as I am now living a more comfortable life.


Lauren Kelly, Bathurst.

It was March 2021 I was introduced to Integrative Therapy which I had never heard of.  To tell you the results were nothing short of miraculous is an understatement.

After a work-related injury in 2009, carrying heavy cartons up and down flights of stairs over a period  of 4 weeks, changed my life forever.

I was diagnosed with chronic Achilles tendinosis and tendinitis in 2010. I could not weight bear for  2years. I was diagnosed with bilateral plantar fasciitis in 2012. I also have been diagnosed with  arthritis in both feet. I have attended a pain management course to help with pain and my mental  health. I have had a lot of physiotherapy and been under a sports medicine clinic for treatment. I  have been to an orthopaedic surgeon and a foot and ankle specialist for diagnosis and pain. You  name it I’ve been there. I have had great difficulty in these past years to just take a simple walk let  alone working on my feet. I have been using anti-inflammatory medications, prescription painkillers  and natural remedies to help alleviate the pain to enable me to just simply get around on my feet.

I had 6 sessions in a very short space of time with Evelyn performing her integrative therapy on me  and I could not believe the results. For the first time in 11 years I could kneel down and get back up  without intense pain and discomfort and the aid of something or someone to help me back up.

I  could even take a bath and get in and out by myself. It sounds bazaar but there are so many things I  could not do after injuring my ankles. The pain from standing on my feet for long periods of time  decreased dramatically.

I call the treatment I had, a miracle as not one Doctor, Specialist, Surgeon, Physio, could help me  manage the pain and help me get better. It is I believe a soft tissue injury which is very difficult to  treat YET Evelyn worked on me for that short amount of time and I felt results.

I can highly recommend Evelyn’s integrative treatment .


Michelle Peters , Sans Souci NSW