Scar Tissue Release

What is Scar Tissue Release?

My experiential career as a therapist has led me to addressing “scar tissue”. It is my primary go to when one presents ongoing chronic symptoms that become increasingly challenging to say the least in rectifying, reducing pain & preventing the surgical pathway.

Injuries, micro tears, adhesions, lesions, all forms of scar tissue from a fall off a bike in earlier years to minor or major surgery (eg. ceasarian), burns, piercings, all develop a gluing characteristic to the cellular tissues and can spread in any direction throughout our bodies and restrict joint mobility and organ function as all scar tissue finds their way to link to each other distorting the meridian channels acupoint grid map of our bodies tracking system and may develop major structural imbalances.

Scar tissue restricts and places excessive strain on the body causing skeletal stress, deviating the spine from alignment, causing compressed joints, pain and dysfunction, trapping nerves, veins and arteries, interrupting blood flow and associated neurological disorders.

Scar tissue of any kind has a cellular memory of the original trauma and until the fascial fibres are separated, lengthened released and aligned, from superficial to much deeper layers then the body can commence a road of sustained repair & recovery, improving chronic conditions and regaining functional fitness.

Once we start the process of releasing scar tissue the connective tissue that binds all soft tissue structures and visceral tissue organs reorganise their laying down of fascial fibres and the benefits are plenty! It enhances full range of joint movement, flexibility, improves circulation, lymphatic flow and muscle relaxation, preventing further strain & injury.