Advanced Integrative Therapy

Guide to Advanced Integrated Therapies & Core Concepts!

This is a range of interrelated disciplines that assist the potential release, recovery and repair of combined physical, physiological and psychological impacted tension and stress held in the body paradigm which causes chronic pain, long held tension and blockages in the energy system. Each treatment combines a spectrum of manual therapies and Specialised Needle Point Acupressure.

I use an interchangeable combination of therapies, from Scar Tissue Release, Myofascial Release, Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Stretching and Activation Techniques with a base line Remedial Massage flow.


Throughout each session all or several of these modalities are called upon depending on each individual case. Structural Balancing occurs after the first session and the spine progressively comes into alignment with each follow up session. The muscles ongoing tense fibrous state that is continually firing even when one is relaxing without any loading of their bodies is due to the nervous system’s fight flight response which is on auto pilot, the sympathetic autonomic nervous system is running in the background and driving the body.

Dynamic Body Therapy

As the body begins to adapt to a more definitive stable spine and core strength is enhanced with each consecutive treatment the nervous system reclaims a new pattern of “letting go” and tense, taught, tight muscles begin to release just through the power of the “breath”. You may notice a good massage always does wonders whilst in receivership however there is not enough long term sustainability once life takes its toll and remedial chores and tasks begin to create the conditioning of tension all over again, stiffness, then pain. This is due to a pattern the nervous system is locked into on a cellular level of memory recall all related to the famous vagus nerve.

Whichever came first, stress and poor posture or vice versa, the underlying issue when a condition becomes an ongoing chronic complaint is the over stimulation of the nervous system unable to sustain a state of calm resonating at a much deeper level that needs re programming.

On top of this we have other stressors through life’s mishaps, and incidents, be it a fall earlier on in childhood to a surgical scar an emotional traumatic trigger, repetitive strain injuries to giving birth, all of which begins to pull the skeletal body out of alignment and muscles begin to compensate in all areas of the whole system. The reason being is that scar tissue in the body will find its way to link to one another and continue a disorganised laying down of more and more fibrous tensile tissue as it only has the initial memory of its injury. In severe cases the setting of fybromyalgia develops.

Dynamic Body Therapy

Once we begin to release scar tissue the body begins to unwind and unfurl from a congested, tight, taut state to a freeing up of long held tension and relaxation. The Acupressure Meridian Channels of the bodies grid map when pressure points are released and balanced quitens the nervous system and immediately initiates the sustained release of inflammatory conditions, pain and general discomfort.

I combine Advanced Therapeutic Practices that are each an adjunct to each other and applied according to the body’s signalling through fine tuning skills and close attention to detail, via palpation, body reading and pulse diagnosis. The more sessions the greater the unfurling process back to centre, to postural alignment, to greater freedom and range of movement and functional wellness.

This is a process and journey that will liberate you from long standing chronic conditioning for it all didn’t happen overnight but it has built up over one’s lifetime through hard knocks, over exertion and psychosomatic stress. There is a fundamental recognition that the emotional relationship to the body when under stress is held in the soft and connective tissues and is embedded in the pain body over time, hence scar tissue release is a remarkably “positive” process releasing a network of biochemistry that no longer can serve the system creating a sense of spatial freedom and a renewed state, enhancing greater flexibility and overall COMFORT.


If any or all of this resonates with you, please reach out and book an appointment.